Your Summer Guide to Curb Appeal

Your summer guide to curb appealContact Williamsburg Realty to see this gorgeous house at 9115 Manorwood Way in Toano, Virginia.

Your home’s exterior clues buyers in to what they’ll encounter when they enter your home. A well-kept exterior is inviting to potential buyers, so much so that a study done by the National Association of Realtors showed that 63% of people in search of a home will be more likely to want to see it in person after liking a picture of its exterior that they’ve seen online.

Because an attractive exterior is so important for a good first impression, we’ve put together a list of tips on making your home stand out during the summer.

Clean From Top To Bottom

The autumn leaves, winter cold and spring rain all do a number on your house. Dirt, grime and fallen foliage create a buildup of a surprising amount of gunk.

Pressure wash solid surfaces including your driveway and walkways, brick walls, painted walls, stone, wood fences, etc.

Clean the windows, wash your front door, clean the insides of lighting fixtures, clean out gutters and clear any fallen debris from your roof.

Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Over time your home’s exterior paint will dull and lose its luster. A fresh coat will bring your home back to life. Painting your home’s exterior also gives you the chance to repair any chipped or cracked plaster.

Add Seasonal Foliage

Seasonal foliage is the single best way to get your home in the summer spirit. Plant annual flowers like black-eyed Susans, petunias, and pansies. These will add an instant burst of long-lasting color to your lawn.

Don’t stop with a flower bed. Add hanging baskets, line your walkway with potted plants and add window flower boxes.

Provide Seating

The summer months are all about spending time outside. Add warmth to your front yard with inviting outdoor seating, a swing, gazebo or fire pit.

With outdoor seating, you’re creating extra “rooms” on your property. When buyers see these features -especially permanent fixtures like decks and permanent fire pits- they just might be sold on your home immediately.

Follow these summer curb appeal ideas and you’re sure to make a great first impression on potential buyers. In fact, you’ll likely impress passersby so much, they’ll jump at the chance to see what’s on the inside.