What is an Active Adult Lifestyle?

What is an Active Adult Lifestyle?When looking for a retirement destination, you may come across many communities that offer an active adult lifestyle. But what does an active adult lifestyle really mean?

If you ask 10 different people to describe active adult living, you may very well end up with 10 different answers. This is because an active adult lifestyle means something different to everyone. Yet, there are a few key elements you can expect to hear in most descriptions. Generally, these elements include low-maintenance homes, community amenities, recreational activities, social clubs, a variety of classes, and other structured events.

Below, we look at a few of the pillars of an active adult lifestyle.


LOW MAINTENANCE HOMESPerhaps when discussing the word lifestyle, houses do not come to mind right away. However, the homes in a 55+ community allow residents to enjoy the amenities and lifestyle options on offer. Many communities have low-maintenance, maintenance-free, or lock-and-leave homes for sale.

While all mean slightly different things, the general idea is homeowners do not have to worry about varying levels of home care, including lawn work, landscaping, snow shoveling, and more. This allows residents more free time to spend enjoying their community’s lifestyle, embracing new hobbies, or traveling without the stress of prepping their home.

Besides making home maintenance easier, many communities offer floor plans that are built around the idea of aging in place. These include designs with single-story living, lower shelves and cabinets, ramps, easy-to-reach appliances, and more.


Communities that offer an active adult lifestyle often include amenities for individuals or social groups, whatever your preference might be. While every community has different amenities, each allows you to obtain the active lifestyle you desire in whatever method you prefer.

As an individual resident, you may choose to work out in the fitness center on your own, spend some practice time on the putting green, go for a swim, make use of a community art studio, or attend a lecture. When you feel like socializing, you may prefer to join a special-interest club, take a group class, attend a potluck dinner, or enjoy some friendly competition with a game of billiards, tennis, or cards.


Although 55+ communities often provide a full social calendar with planned events, residents can take part in as many or as few activities as they like. What enables an active lifestyle is the fact that those clubs, activities, and events are always there whenever residents want to participate. These events range from hobby clubs, volunteer programs, and sports leagues to off-site events, parties, and much more

Many communities have a lifestyle director who manages the social calendar and can help you discover appealing activities. They will even help you get a new club or event off the ground, so it is easy to find like-minded neighbors.

Not everything has to be organized, though. Clubhouses and amenities are always there to be used at your leisure. Also, by living in a community of peers, finding new friends is easy and can lead to more private events like happy hours and house parties.

When comparing active adult communities, you may find that different types of communities lend themselves to different lifestyles. Talking to your agent can help you find the best one for you.

This article was written by Bill Ness, CEO & Founder,