TSA Pre-Check Offers Fewer Hassles, Less Stress

With more travelers heading to airports as we ease past the last two years of the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, you can expect pre-boarding lines to become increasingly longer at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check points. Waiting your turn to take off your shoes, lightweight jackets, and belts, in addition to checking for liquids, and having your laptops, sleep apnea machines and anything else electronic scanned are all part of the pre-flight ritual.

However, TSA is offering a way to improve the traveler experience. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents are eligible to enroll in a TSA Pre-Check program that removes many of the hassles and stress of boarding. As the name suggests, you are being pre-checked to board your flight.

If you are interested in the program, go online to and pre-enroll. You will then need to go in person to an enrollment center to provide fingerprints and verify your identity and proof of citizenship. That can be done with a passport, birth certificate or driver’s license. A list of enrollment centers is available online. It is best to make an appointment, but walk-ins are allowed at some sites. Upon approval, TSA will issue you a Known Traveler Number (KTN) for use whenever you book travel.

This should mean less time in line. Cost is $85, which is good for five years.

TSA Pre-Check Offers Fewer Hassles