How to Stage Your Home For A Great First Impression

How to stage your home for a great first impression

Contemporary living room in earth tones

Staging your home is all about highlighting your home’s strengths. You want your property to make a great first impression, so when staging your home imagine that you’re preparing it for a job interview. You want it to be clean, organized, look well put together and feel inviting.

Hiring a professional to stage your home can be expensive. Instead of paying someone to do it for you there are several things you can do to make your home presentable and help potential buyers fall in love.

  • Get Rid of the Clutter

    Clutter takes away from the value of your home in a few different ways. It makes rooms look smaller, can make buyers concerned about lack of storage, and leave them wondering how well the house has been cared for.

    When you’re cleaning up clutter don’t forget about the little things like shampoo bottles in the shower, used soaps by the sink and dirty clothes in the laundry room. Conceal these things during showings to help buyers see what’s really there; beautiful bathroom tile, a nice large kitchen sink and roomy laundry room.

  • Remove All Things Pet Related

    Chances are not every potential buyer who views your home will be a pet owner/lover so keep all pet products out of sight. Also, use a scented spray to give your home a fresh, inviting smell and remove any lingering pet odor.

  • Rearrange And Eliminate Furniture

    An overabundance of furniture instantly makes a home look and feel smaller. Think like a minimalist. Only keep furniture in each room that meets a need.

    Stick with the basics and remove everything else. Pick a corner of the garage to use as temporary storage for clutter and furniture while your house is on the market. Buyers won’t be as distracted by a full garage as they will a furniture cluttered home.

  • Brighten Up Your Home

    When the day comes to show your house, an easy way to highlight all of its features is by letting the light in. Open the curtains for natural light. Turn on lamps in dark corners and overhead lighting to create ambiance. Wash the windows! Also, fresh paint goes a long way to sprucing up your home without spending a lot of money.

  • Appeal to the Masses

    Remove anything that could hinder the sale of your home. This includes religious and political items and bold design statements. Potential buyers need to feel comfortable while they are visiting your property. These things can overwhelm some people.

  • Clean From Top to Bottom

    A clean home is a sellable home. Clean your home from top to bottom, and everywhere in between. Keep in mind that some buyers are more curious than others and will want to peek in closets and cabinets so clean accordingly.

    These six tips for staging and preparing your home for potential buyers are as important as the listing agent you choose. Taking the time to set your home up for a good first impression will aid in a quick sale.