How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Leverage social media to grow your real estate businessSocial media is where people go to connect with family and friends, follow their favorite brands and stay up to date with news and media. Because people use social media as their go-to for online connecting, you can take advantage of it by appealing to buyers and sellers simply by getting your business in front of them and creating a relationship.

Here are social media leveraging tips to implement today.

Use Images and videos when you post to all social media platforms. These are the two most engaging types of content.

Show off your city. Post about events in your neighborhood, new construction, improvements, etc. Show people (both local and out of town) how wonderful your city is.

Post your own listings, but not too often. The golden rule in social media is 80/20. That is – 80% of your content should be about lifestyle, customer interests, and other non-business related topics, and 20% about you and your product. This keeps your social media engaging.

Ask followers questions. Ask them what they look for in a home, what type of neighborhoods they choose to live in, where they search for properties, etc. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you tremendously when it comes to your marketing practices.

Show your clients and potential clients that you care. You do this in person, so show you care about your clients on your social platforms too.

Always engage with people. Everything you do on your platforms will be for nothing if you don’t take time to converse with people.

Let you and your business’ personality shine. Each and every company has its own personality. If yours is relaxed and approachable, let that shine through. If you’re a professional and a get-the-job-done type of business show that on your platforms.

Lastly, to take your platforms to the next level you should be implementing highly targeted ads. These ads should be specific to your area in order to get them in front of your local target market.