Five Home Upgrades Under $1,000 That Increase Home Values

Home UpgradesIf you are looking to upgrade your home, we can recommend quite a few contractors in the area. Give us a call.

A clean, up-to-date home will yield maximum profit when it comes time to sell.

However, you don’t have to spend big bucks to make sure your house is in tip-top condition. There are a number of upgrades you can make for under $1,000 that will impress buyers, increase your home’s value and get you the offer you’re looking for.

Home Upgrades

Upgraded door and entryway at 216 Jefferson’s Hundred.

Replace The Front Door

The front door and surrounding entry way is the focal point of your home’s curb appeal. Replace or refinish the front door (plus, upgrading the hardware) for an inexpensive facelift that potential buyers will appreciate.

Install New Flooring

Flooring drastically changes the look and feel of a home. Hardwood is appealing to many buyers, as are high-quality, less expensive laminate options. If your home already has hardwood floors, but they’re looking a little lack luster, it’s time to invest in refinishing.

A shiny new tile floor can also dramatically change the look and feel of a room for the better. They’re easy to clean and wear well in high-traffic areas, making them perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or an entry way.

Add New Window Treatments

Window treatments can severely date a home and be a big turnoff for buyers, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in recent years. On the flip side new window coverings can really modernize a room. Keep energy efficient and security conscious fabrics in mind when choosing window upgrades. Potential buyers will like knowing that your home’s window treatments both block severe weather temps and completely conceal the home from the outside world.

Update Fixtures

A sleek new kitchen and bathroom faucet will be appreciated by buyers. As will updated drawer pulls, and any other hardware that isn’t stuck in the previous century.

Refresh Curb Appeal

Home Upgrades

4739 Winterberry in Colonial Heritage is for sale. Call us for a tour.

If buyers don’t like what they see as soon as the pull in the driveway, they’re less likely to enjoy the walk-through. Make the landscaping neat and tidy by trimming existing plants and replacing sick and dead plants. Repaint and replace siding as needed, fix gutters and shutters, seal driveway cracks, etc.

These inexpensive and quick upgrades will make a huge difference without costing a big chunk of change.