Choosing the Real Estate Agent Who is Right for You

Choosing the Real Estate Agent Who is Right for YouThere are a couple of reasons that you may seek out a real estate agent: if you’re looking to sell a property, or if you’re looking to buy one. You wouldn’t place a Mercedes in your yard with a cardboard “For Sale” sign, and you don’t want your home to end up on just any website.

The last thing you want when planning a move is a disorganized, inexperienced, or unprofessional agent. Since prospective buyers take an average of eight visits and sixteen weeks before putting in an offer on a house it is vital to find a real estate company that is the right fit. In this modern D-I-Y age, do the research yourself, so a professional can do the rest!

Google them! As a buyer, you want to be able to find all the information you need without struggling through the slush. As a seller, you want buyers to have easy access to your listing. Search the agents’ listings, and compare them against other local listings. If you’re looking for an Italian sports car, you wouldn’t walk a pick-up truck lot. Make sure your agent represents you and your property.

Ask questions! Ask for references and interview their clients. Ask your prospective agents about the neighborhood. Ask them about their backgrounds, qualifications, licensing and memberships. They should be willing to offer this information.

Choosing the Real Estate Agent Who is Right for YouTalk Money! A prospective agent should be able to tell you how they will market your home, and how much they expect to get versus the listing price. An agent should also tell you about their fees with no problem.

At Williamsburg Realty of Virginia, we stand behind our team of agents. We are proud to offer expert services to ensure you get the most out of your home as a seller, and the most out of your money as a buyer. We strive to extend the best service in Williamsburg and surrounding areas. Google us! Ask us a question!

Our agents offer the right experience, know the area, can recommend other services in the area, and offer expert advice to make your home buying/selling experience the best it can be.