Buying a Home in a Digital World

Buying a Home in a Digital World

2,258 sq. foot home for sale at 6796 Tarpley’s Tavern in James City County, Virginia.

In today’s digital world, the first step buyers take when searching for a new home is scouring the internet for their ideal property. Long gone are the days of flipping through the newspaper and taking afternoon drives to find “For Sale” signs in front yards.

Because housing is so readily available at the touch of a button, there’s no need to waste time finding a needle in a haystack. It seems like just about everything you need to know is on your computer screen.

However, even with the convenience of technology, there are several undeniable benefits to having more on your side than the World Wide Web. Hiring a realtor to help find your next property is as important today as it was 50 years ago.

The first and possibly most important reason to work with a realtor is their knowledge of real estate law. Some buyers often forget that the legal aspects of real estate transactions can be overwhelming to say the least. A problem free purchase is what every homebuyer wants and to accomplish that you need someone on your side who knows the procedures like the back of their hand.

Realtors also know their local markets well as they keep a close eye on their ebbs and flows. Their daily exposure to market trends gives them an advantage. They know what’s happening and have a good idea of what to expect in the near future. This knowledge will be used to your benefit during the home search as well as in negotiations.

Lastly, and most importantly (for your wallet), realtors know how to close. Closing a sale takes practice and patience, while getting clients a fair deal takes perseverance and skill. A buyer contacting a seller directly can cause tension between the two parties. Realtors act as the middleman, giving buyers room to make a decision without the added pressure of discussing the sale with the homeowner themselves. Then when it comes time to sit around the closing table, both parties can comfortably finalize the deal.

Don’t leave home buying up to an internet search alone. Why go it alone when you can have a licensed professional by your side?

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