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A home warranty is an annual service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of the appliances and systems you use every day — items that homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover. When these essentials break down from normal wear and tear, a Cinch Home Warranty not only gets a pre-screened pro to your home to fix the problem, but we also help pay the bill.

While home insurance policies are typically required for homeowners, a home warranty plan is never mandatory. But since insurance policies don’t cover costs for daily wear and tear to the appliances and home systems you rely on, warranty coverage can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Homeowners insurance covers four primary areas of your home:

  1. Personal property that could be stolen or damaged
  2. The interior of your home
  3. The exterior of your house
  4. General liability that covers you if someone gets injured on your property

Home warranties generally cover failures incurred from daily wear and tear to both your home’s major appliances and systems such as:

  1. Major kitchen appliances like your fridge or built-in microwave
  2. Clothes washer and dryer
  3. Water heater
  4. HVAC systems
  5. Plumbing and electrical systems

A Cinch Home Warranty is all about you – keeping your budget and your peace of mind intact all year round. Click here to review Cinch Home Warranty Plans (PDF).