Victory Arch is a Continuing Memorial to American Service Men and Women

While Williamsburg and Yorktown are well known for their portrayal of living in the Colonies during the Revolutionary and Civil wars, there is a monument in Newport News that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Located on 25th Street and West Avenue about 25 miles east of Williamsburg, the Victory Arch was established as a memorial to those who served in the American armed forces during periods of war.

Looking like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Victory Arch was first built in 1919 with wood and plaster to welcome home almost half a million troops after World War I. It was rebuilt of stone and rededicated in 1962.

Today, the Victory Arch provides a continuing memorial to American service men and women with its historical marker saying, “Greetings with love to those who return … A triumph with tears who sleep.” Names of some of the fallen are inscribed on the monument.

The Victory Arch is situated on a park-like setting and the area offers interesting views of the James River as well as some docked Navy ships and aircraft carriers that are being worked on in the local shipyard. The park is also home to 4th of July fireworks and other notable holiday celebrations throughout the year.